Steal like an artist

Steal Like an Artist is a creativity guidebook by Austin Kleon. It encourages readers to embrace influences and borrow ideas from others, emphasizing that originality is built upon the work of those who came before. The book provides practical advice and strategies to unlock your creativity, such as keeping a logbook, embracing constraints, and finding inspiration in everyday life.

Atomic habits

Atomic Habits by James Clear is a book that explores the power of small habits and their profound impact on personal and professional development. The book emphasizes the idea that making tiny, incremental changes, or "atomic habits," can lead to remarkable transformations over time. James Clear presents a practical framework for habit formation, highlighting the importance of cues, cravings, responses, and rewards in shaping our behaviors. He provides actionable strategies for building positive habits, breaking bad ones, and optimizing our daily routines. Atomic Habits offers insights, scientific research, and real-life examples to guide readers in their journey towards lasting behavior change and continuous improvement.

27 Powerful Lessons from "It doesnt have to be crazy at work"

"It Doesnt Have to Be Crazy at Work" is a groundbreaking book that reveals strategies for creating a more balanced and productive work environment. Packed with practical insights and actionable advice, this book challenges conventional notions of workplace culture, emphasizing the importance of sanity, calmness, and focus.

Rich Dad Poor Dad Summary

Rich Dad Poor Dad" is a personal finance book that contrasts the mindset and financial teachings of the author's two fathers, emphasizing the importance of financial education, building assets, and adopting an entrepreneurial mindset to achieve financial independence.

Unfuck Yourself Summary

Unfuck Yourself by Gary John Bishop is a self-help book that offers practical strategies for overcoming self-doubt, negative thinking, and other obstacles that can get in the way of achieving personal and professional success.

Git based Headless CMS

This article explains how to create a Git-based content management system with markdown using Nuxt.js and Vue.js, and how to deploy it on Netlify. The tutorial covers creating the content, pages, and layout for the website, as well as deploying the code to a Git repository and Netlify.

Introduction to API Pagination

Your DB may have hundreds or thousands or even millions of elements, it won’t be a good idea (regarding performance and UI/UX) to show all of the elements to the user in a single view, the answer to this problem is using pagination.

5 Nile Kayaking Tips For fun Ride

Kayaking in the Nile River is an exhilarating adventure, with its rushing rapids and stunning scenery providing an unforgettable experience for any thrill-seeker, here is some tips for fun ride.

API Rate Limiting — Part 2

Last time we discussed rate limiting and 2 strategies for implementing the solution (Leaky bucket, Token bucket) algorithms , this part we will go through 2 more strategies(Fixed window and Sliding window algorithms).

API Rate Limiting — Part 1

Whether you build public API open for developers or internal API for your apps, you might have heard of the term rate limiting or throttling, here is a quick explanation as I understand it.

My Fractal Tree 🌲

Fractal art uses math patterns to create intricate digital art. Follow simple steps to make your own stunning fractal art tree.