5 Nile Kayaking Tips For fun Ride

5 Nile Kayaking Tips For Comfy Ride

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One of the great things you can try in Cairo and specifically in the Nile river is Kayaking. If you like seeing water like me you’ll find it a very relaxing and stress relieving activity, you can do go alone or with your friends, plus it’s affordable, available most of the time and doesn’t require previous experience.

Here I’ll talk about some tips that I found useful and contribute to a good ride

Be Aware Of Stream Direction

Always row on the side when you are against the river flow, and on the center of the river when you’re rowing with the river flow.

Nile river stream is not very strong but it’s effective, and you’ll notice it’s harder to row against the stream than with it.

Most probably if you are starting and ending at the same point, you’ll row against the stream first, to use your energy at first, and return to the starting point with the stream which will be much easier.

Take advantage of the fact that friction on the sides slows down the river flow velocity, so it’s slower on the sides and fastest on the center.

Keep your pace

Try to set a pace for your rowing style, and be consistent.

Don’t be in a hurry, it’s not a sprint. Just set a rowing pace that you are very comfortable with and try to keep it as much as you can, try not to stop so much (especially against the flow) cause stopping there will let the river flow push you backward, unlike rowing with the flow.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

If you’re planning a long ride more than an hour or more than 2 km, I prefer to get a bottle of water with me, staying hydrated is very important for your health during activities.

Stay Safe

Before the ride you should always check your kayak, make sure it’s normal, and your seat is comfortable and the seatback is not broken, Don’t forget to wear a lifejacket especially if you’re not a good swimmer.

Ride in groups and stay relatively close to each other, in general kayaking in the Nile is very safe, but it’s better to be cautious.

Enjoy Your Time

Try to relax and enjoy the scenery and have fun, I really like to row apart from the group for some time and stay still for few minutes totally alone in the middle of the Nile, enjoying the scene of Nile and sun and the small water waves.

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Stay safe and enjoy your ride 🚣‍♂️.

There are a lot of clubs for renting kayaks out there that you can try, Personally I tried Nile Kayak Club and it’s really good 👌.

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