It's the little things

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It’s the little things

This memory goes back to last summer I guess.

It was scorching weather all week, and I was suffering from severe tooth pain at that period. For about a month the pain was only getting worse, I don’t know what it was exactly but a combination of certain antibiotic reactions with the existing abscess escalated the pain exponentially in that specific week.

I don't recall ever experiencing that kind of pain before. you become aware of every nerve around the infected tooth in your mouth, The pain radiates through all the surrounding nerves, from my mouth to my ears. A relentless, throbbing pain that persistently pulsates inside your head, making its presence felt with every beat of your heart.

I was not able to do anything, no work, no talking, no eating, I would say it was even hard to think straight, but the worst problem I faced was sleeping.

For about 4-5 days, I couldn't sleep for more than two minutes straight. Everyone else would fall asleep, leaving me alone throughout the night. I yearned for sleep, but simply couldn’t. The pain was unbearable. The only temporary relief came from applying cold water. However, the relief was fleeting, and I had to continually re-apply the water. This routine caused the pain to spike every two minutes, long story short, no sleep for me.

I felt better later that week. After pain comes relief, healing, and some adaptation. I felt better to the point that I could ignore the pain and rest, I remember I was laying on the couch that noon after taking my last shot, and I can’t explain how grateful, satisfied, and happy I was at that moment, Finally I was able to close my eyes and sleep.

I felt like every part of my tired body was expressing gratitude to God for the small blessing we often take for granted, the blessing of being able to drift into sleep 💤.

Thanks for reading ❤️